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Starting out as one of our first clients, Massive Enterprises has seen amazing growth over the past 20 years. We were able to take install and maintain solar and coordinate wind systems to support their growing energy needs while minimizing costly energy consumption.

Our strategic partnership with Massive Enterprises has provided us with some great insights into how high-volume systems operate and has provided us with a number of available resources with whom our clients may partner. Whether you’re a small startup or just need to take your business to the next level, we can get you there.


Alexander Real Estate


June Grey


Peoria Express Signs


Fine Flights

Alexander Real Estate started out with a couple systems that were struggling to support their needs. With our systems and services, they’ve been able to focus on the real estate end of the business while we took care of their power needs, allowing them to build their operation to 28 realtors in five states.

June Grey started out as a single family homeowner who wanted an affordable reliable system without breaking her bank account. We helped her optimize her home with energy savings and she sold her home with a nice profit where the solar system from ARS was said to be the selling point.

Owner John Green came to us eight years ago with a problem. He purchased a solar system for over 20 years, but didn’t know anything about solar systems. We showed him his excessive costs and proved how an ARS system saved him a substantial amount of money, both in energy and maintenance and he now has shops in 12 states.

When pilot Marie Chu came to us, she’d already spent several thousands of dollars on a solar system. She needed a system that was affordable and reliable.  An ARS system got the results she was looking for without taking all her time for a new complete system. By the time we were finished, she’d already booked her schedule for a month of flights.

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